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How The Current Food System Can Impact Our Health & The Planet’s

The good news is: The future of the food system can be different. Growing and eating fruits and vegetables more responsibly is a great first step, but I know that’s not always easy. Big change takes all of us: consumers, corporations, government agencies, and elected officials. 

 My company, Daily Harvest, is working to be a leader in the industry and make it easier to eat more organic fruits and vegetables—but frankly, we’re just one model, and we need a whole ecosystem of businesses and government programs to make a wide range of organic, regeneratively grown fruits and vegetables accessible to consumers and sustainable for farmers. 

Thankfully, some Big Food companies recently pledged to do more for the health of our planet, including reducing emissions and moving toward more regenerative farming practices, but these are small steps spaced over decades. In the meantime, we need companies to quickly and dramatically expand commitments to growing and sourcing a wide variety of sustainably and organically grown ingredients. We also need elected officials to do more to support farmers in transitioning to organic, regenerative, and sustainable practices so that fresh produce is more accessible to all. 

And our job as individual consumers, along with eating more fruits and vegetables, is to ask for transparency around corporate marketing practices. We can pressure our elected officials to enact laws and policies that will make it easier for all of us to access truly nutritious options—and we can demand that those options are grown, sourced, and made responsibly.

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