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CMT Premiere: Valerie Ponzio Shares Latin Culture, Love of Hometown El Paso in New Music Video “Just a Bordertown”

“The Voice” alum Valerie Ponzio is taking fans on a colorful, nostalgic and culture-rich tour of her hometown of El Paso, Texas, in her new music video for “Just a Bordertown.”

“This music video really captures the character and beauty of the special little bordertown I’m from,” Ponzio said. “(It showcases) the family, the traditions, the culture, the landscape that are so dear to me. I desperately wanted to convey that visually to people, and I really feel that it takes you to this part of the world that shaped and made me who I am today.”

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In the video, Ponzio and her grandmother visit the gorgeous, intricately painted church where her grandmother married her grandfather. Then the women walked through a little neighborhood and her grandmother told her stories about growing up in the same town.

“She told me about some flowers she picked outside of a house near the corner grocery store and how she ran home to give them to her mom,” Ponzio said. “Her mom felt bad that she got them from someone else’s yard but was ultimately so happy to get them. It was such a beautiful memory for. I loved walking with her and soaking in all the essence of where she grew up in El Paso.”

While Ponzio’s career has carried her far away from El Paso – to “The Voice” and to Nashville, Tennessee – she can’t wait to introduce her hometown to viewers.

“I hope fans will not only see the beauty, heart and pride I have in my dusty bordertown I’m from but will also capture that same sentiment for the hometowns they’re from as well,” she said. “I felt so happy and excited to be able to share this beautiful story and imagery that is so deeply part of me and my story with the world.”

Ponzio is part of the inaugural class of CMT and mtheory’s Equal Access program. She is dedicated to broadening the boundaries of country music and helping pave the way into the genre for other Latin artists.

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